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Di-O-Matic Character Pack 1.6 VIP Edition for 3ds Max

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Di-O-Matic Character Pack 1.6 VIP Edition for 3ds Max

Di-O-Matic Character Pack включает в себя следующие плагины для 3ds Max: Cluster-O-Matic, Facial Studio, Hercules, Morph-O-Matic, Morph Toolkit и Voice-O-Matic. Cluster-O-Matic – продвинутый инструмент для soft-selection и последующей анимацией, Facial Studio – плагин для создания голов персонажей, Hercules – плагин для создания реалистичной мышечной анимации, Morph-O-Matic – морфинг, Morph ToolKit – ускорение работы в деле морфинга, Voice-O-Matic – плагин для липсинга. Плагины от Di-O-Matic использовались во многих известных играх и мультфильмах (GTA4, Bully, Spiderman, Монстры против пришельцев, Tomb Raider, Би Муви, Губка Боб) В один пакет собраны все инструменты, удостоенные наград, и разработанные для экномии времени и повышения эффективности при создании анимации персонажей. От моделирования мышц до автоматической синхронизации губ - в этом пакете есть всё необходимое.

The Di-O-Matic Character Pack includes the following 3ds max plugins: Cluster-O-Matic + Facial Studio + Hercules + Morph-O-Matic + Morph Toolkit + Voice-O-Matic. The Di-O-Matic Character Pack is an all in one suite gathering all Di-O-Matic 3ds max plugins. It’s a single installer jam-packed of award winning tools designed to save time and improve efficiency in your character animations productions. From muscle simulation to automatic lip synchronization, the Character Pack has it all.

• Cluster-O-Matic
Cluster-O-Matic is a powerful selection modifier for 3ds max which allows you to create advanced soft-selections and then animate them with ease.

Whether you are looking for a more versatile selection system or seeking to create complex selections to be used with the Hercules deformation modifier, you cannot go wrong with production proven Cluster-O-Matic.

• Facial Studio
Need to create a realistic, caricatured or cartoon head in 3ds max ? Whatever the ethnicity or gender you are seeking to create, Facial Studio (3ds max edition) will greatly facilitate the once complex task of creating 3D heads.

Facial Studio features more than 500 controls covering the entire 3D head creation process. Deform anything from eyes, nose and mouth to head shape, including teeth and tongue. Modify head symmetry, ethnicity and gender as you please.

Facial Studio is not just a modelling tool, rather a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you achieve better facial animation in less time than ever before. From modelling to muscle-based deformations, including texture map libraries and much more, Facial Studio does it all with an intuitive interface that will have you creating amazing heads in only minutes.

• Hercules
For all those who thought muscular systems were only for major production studios and required complex custom rigging and scripting Hercules, Di-O-Matic’s innovative muscular animation plug-in for 3ds max.

At long last, a tool for expanding the limits of regular skinning. Hercules is the most effective and artist-friendly manner in which to create high quality muscle animation for your CG characters. Adding an extra touch of realism to your creatures and characters is now easier than ever before and certain to bring them to life!

• Morph-O-Matic
Are you looking for a better morphing solution in 3ds max?

Don’t look any further... our award-winning Morph-O-Matic is just what you need. Already used by leading 3ds max production studios around the globe for over 9 years, Morph-O-Matic excels where other solutions fail to deliver.

Morph-O-Matic, the industry standard morphing extension for 3ds max, has been designed from the ground up as a tool to assist modelers, animators and technical directors in creating complex morph setups and animations. No matter how complex the model or how numerous the targets, Morph-O-Matic will provide you with instant results every time.

• Morph ToolKit
Reduce the time you spend on morph target creation with our Morph ToolKit, a collection of tools designed to enhance and accelerate the morph target creation process in 3ds max.
Morph ToolKit users claim that they are trimming more than 45% off the time it used to take them to create morph targets!

The Morph ToolKit includes the following plug-ins:
- Attach-O-Matic. Lets you attach objects to one another while providing ongoing access to the modifier stack of each attached object. In this manner, you enjoy access to all parameters at all times.
- Copy-O-Matic. Lets you copy vertex selections and positions from one object to another. Also lets you make mirror copies which are particularly expedient when creating morph targets. It is therefore possible to create a morph on just one half your models and let Copy-O-Matic do the rest.
- Link-O-Matic. Lets you link objects to the vertices of others objects. For example, you can use Link-O-Matic to link teeth to the chin. In this manner, you do not have to include teeth in your morphs. When the jaw opens, the teeth automatically follow.

• Voice-O-Matic
Automated lip sync animation in Autodesk 3ds max: any rig, any language!
Need to make your characters talk but don’t want to spend days or weeks doing it? You have come to the right place.

Voice-O-Matic (3ds max Edition) is a powerful, easy-to-use plug-in which automates the lip synchronization process for your animated CG characters directly in Autodesk 3ds max. Simply feed a recorded audio file to Voice-O-Matic and it will automatically generate timing and lip position data for your characters.
Flexible is the one word which best describes Voice-O-Matic. No matter which type of character setup you wish to use: from shapes to complex bones-based rigs, and no matter the language for which you wish to create lip synchronization, Voice-O-Matic delivers. Interested in trimming hours of work off your next talking character production?

Voice-O-Matic analyses the phonemes within an audio file and automatically creates standard keyframes, allowing animators to quickly tweak results. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use. Voice-O-Matic (3ds max Edition) is the best way to speed up the lip synchronization process for your CG characters in Autodesk 3ds max!

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