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Netralia VodBurner

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Netralia VodBurner

Netralia VodBurner - это удобная и мощная утилита для записи и редактирования видео из программы Skype. После обработки Вы легко, прямо из программы, сможете загрузить свой файл на видео сервис YouTube. Программа работает очень качественно и быстро. Интерфейс интуитивно понятен и не перегружен лишними функциями. Также доступна опция контроля свободного места на жёстком диске.

VodBurner Features:
- Record Skype video calls and create complete video productions from them.
- Capture every frame at maximum resolution for the best quality possible.
- Create MP4 or WMV files suitable for sharing with others.
- Edit the video using the built in Post-Production Console.
- Alter the person(s) shown at any point (this side, other side or both sides).
- Choose any combination and order of cameras for Group Video Calls.
- Trim portions of the call so they do not appear in the final production.
- Balance the volume of the two sides of the call.
- Add text captions to the final production, with your choice of font, color and background.
- Add pictures to the final production.
- Add background music to the final production, with professional fading options and volume control.
- Add external video to the final production.
- Upload to YouTube for public or private sharing.
- Generate video with your choice of aspect ratio and resolution.
- Create templates with your standard text captions, audio etc. to save on editing time.
- Record in 720p now, and in higher resolutions as these become supported by Skype.
- Record screen sharing when shared by other party.
- Generate WAV files containing the audio content of the call.
- Anti-drift technology keeps both sides of the call in sync.
- Ideal for podcast interview recording.

Changes in version
Important release – from this version, we bypass the Skype API. The Skype API is being retired at the end of December 2013 by Skype (see https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA12349/skype-says-my-application-will-stop-working-with-skype-in-december-2013-why-is-that).

Skype 6.9 compatibility. VodBurner will continue working with Skype beyond December 2013.

Slight changes in this version (we had to make these changes as we used to use the Skype API for these functions):
•To start recording, you need to click the record button in VodBurner to start a recording – auto-recording feature when call starts is not available
•To hang up the call, you need to hang up the call from within Skype.
•In Previous Calls, we used to put the contacts first name and last name in the call history. Now it says “Skype Contact” – we used to get the name from the Skype API.

Активация | Рег. код: Присутствует
Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8.
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 18 MB

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